Recipe: Spaghetti with Guanciale Ham, Tomato and Provolone.


Ingredients: (Sauce) ソースの材料

Guanciale Ham 300gr., Mini Tomato 25 pieces (halved), Olive Oil 4 TBSP, Asiago Cheese Powder 100gr., Provolone Valpadana 200gr., black pepper.


Pasta: パスタの材料

400gr. Spaghetti, 4lt. Hot Water, 40gr. sea Salt.



Start to Cut all’Guanciale Ham and sautée in Pan without oil on low heat until translucent.


Add halved tomatoes and sautée for 5 minutes. Then add one cup of hot water and continue to sautée for another 5 minutes.


Start to boil pasta in hot water with salt.


Add a ladel full of pasta water and a drizzle of olive oil to the sauce. Drain cooked pasta and add to sauce together with Asiago & Provolone cheese & sautée for 1minute. Serve with black pepper.

120cc パスタのお湯とオリーブオイルソースに入弱火でかけ混ぜる、パスタ茹で上がったらソースに入れてからアジアゴとプロボロネチーズ入れてから1分炒めてから黒コショで召し上がってください!

ingredients 食材: Fior di Maso Tokyo

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