100% Italiano Gala Dinner

100% Italiano: is the name of ower new project start in Japan with San Pellegrino Japan & Ca Form Japan. Is a project where we are trying to present a whole series of 100% Italian dishes, recipes and products, we decide to lunch our first events here at OSAKA-XEX WEST with Tommaso Perina (San Pellegrino … Continue reading 100% Italiano Gala Dinner

Chef Chele Gonzales

Who does not know the name of this chef in the Philippines: Chele Gonzales, I say Philippine but in reality he is a International famous chef also to be one on the list of the Best50 in Asia. he is not only a very good chef but he is also a friend of mine and … Continue reading Chef Chele Gonzales

Casatiello Napoletano Recipe

Ingredients: For the dough:1KG. flour (Caputo Sacco Rosso)580ml..Water 150gr. Lard3gr. fresh yeast20gr.Salt and pepper80g grated parmesan cheese (optional) For the filling:250gr.Salame Cacciatore DOP (Cube Cut) 250gr.Prosciutto Parma (Cube Cut) 200gr.Pork ham (can be Porchetta,Ciccioli etc.) 200gr. mix Provolone & Parmiggiano (Cube) 4 Boiled Egg (minced Cut) For the topping:6 whole eggs (In shell) Preparation: In … Continue reading Casatiello Napoletano Recipe

Imamura Manila-Okada

Absolutely the best Japanese restaurant in Manila! This restaurant never ceases to remind me how lucky and proud I am to be part Japanese. Chef Imamura's skill and sophistication is felt in every dish... The delicate flavors are discrete, yet powerful... The foie gras simply melts in your mouth! For lunch, they offer a comprehensive … Continue reading Imamura Manila-Okada

Christmas season in Manila

New menu out in BGC - just launched yesterday!! Hope to see you all there to try out some of my newest creations! But of course we can't forget about Christmas - which starts from September here in the Philippines! So to celebrate we will also be offering a festive Christmas menu from December 21-25. … Continue reading Christmas season in Manila

Video Recipe: Salame Cacciatore Genovese with Rigatoni

When people think of Pasta Genovese, they immediately imagine a pesto-based pasta sauce, coming from the city of Genova.   However, few are familiar with the Pasta Genovese we prepare in Naples.  This is a completely different type of sauce that involves cooking beef with onions for an extended period of time, that not only draws out … Continue reading Video Recipe: Salame Cacciatore Genovese with Rigatoni

Breakfast Scones with Mortadella Bologna IGP and Grana Padano Cheese

Buon Giorgno! Today, I was in need of some freshly baked comfort food for breakfast, but instead of the regular sweet breakfast, I was craving something savory and with a bit more of a kick to it. My wife normally bakes plain or chocolate chip scones for the family, that are then slathered with butter/clotted cream … Continue reading Breakfast Scones with Mortadella Bologna IGP and Grana Padano Cheese

Salvatore Cuomo was a pizza delivery boy before he started making pizzas at age 10 | ABS-CBN News

This Italian-Japanese chef who convinced UNESCO to award world heritage status to the art of Neapolitan pizza opens a new restaurant in Manila. — Leggi su news.abs-cbn.com/ancx/food-drink/restaurants/08/05/19/salvatore-cuomo-was-a-pizza-delivery-boy-in-naples-before-he-started-making-them-at-age-10

Salvatore Cuomo Café-Podium Grand Opening 31 July 2019

Its finally been 1 year since I moved to Manila - which means its TIME TO CELEBRATE!  Today, I proud to announce the opening of my 2nd. restaurant here in the Philippines (July 31 Grand-Opening) - Salvatore Cuomo Café, at the Podium Mall, Ortigas, Pasig City, Metro Manila!   This newest café concept involves a more casual … Continue reading Salvatore Cuomo Café-Podium Grand Opening 31 July 2019

The First Salvatore Cuomo Café in the World Opens in Manila -Philippine Tatler-

The Italian chef and restaurateur Salvatore Cuomo—whose over 200 restaurants have delighted discerning gourmands all over the world—opens his first ever café at The Podium, a stylish commercial enclave amidst bustling Ortigas Centre. “This is more casual than our restaurant and bar in Bonifacio Global City,” Read the whole article on Tatler: ph.asiatatler.com/dining/the-first-salvatore-cuomo-café-in-the-world-opens-in-manila Salvatore Cuomo … Continue reading The First Salvatore Cuomo Café in the World Opens in Manila -Philippine Tatler-