New life style…

After almost 9 monts of Covid19 crisis i decide to start a new project in Japan, plan to create a Laboratory for ingredients resarch and new creation of yeast starter from local fruit in Oita (Kyushu) area. My work connected with my restaurants will remain the same it is not a phase of abandonment indeed I am trying to do this to improve my doughs my recipes and give a place where they can study all my chef in Japan and from other country. I do not hide the fact that I am very excited by the project of having to renovate an ancient Japanese house and then have it transformed into a Agriturismo style farmhouse, home and workshop I should probably spend a little time but it’s worth it because it’s something I like and then having the fundamental bases of our ingredients is always a very positive thing.

The Covid 19 crisis it made us all change a little bit, the lifestyle, the job, the habits in a very negative direction but I want to try to find an opportunity within all these problems something that keeps me busy and doesn’t make me think in a negative way and I advise you all to do the same … it doesn’t matter the size of the projects or the type of project but I think it is important to find a basis that makes us adapt during this bad period and try not to think about a negative future that it only leads to depression.

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