Neapolitan Pizza at Home!

Neapolitan Pizza Margherita

Good morning guys, during this covid period that forced us to stay at home I think that surely you too have studied a lot on how to cook at home as you can imagine what I did and the Neapolitan pizza. I must tell you that I have tried in all ways: in the pan to the electric oven and many other methods in short I can say a nice experience.

Then I stopped at this wood pizza oven which that gave me the most satisfaction for Neapolitan pizza, a wood-burning oven that reaches 450 degrees centigrade incredibly with the size of only 1 meter in length Yes!! im talk about Wood Pizza Oven!!

I assure you that you will have a lot of fun if you already know something about Neapolitan pizza, however it is not a small expense (around $1000) because then you have to buy shovels, wood and have a garden because this cannot be used inside the house for all the smoke that comes out of the flue.

I can advise you another thing to make a small investment for your kitchen would be the mixer. I think the Kitchenaid stand mixer Pro is the best for have a good dough & dont take much space in your kitchen!!

Kitchenaid Stand Mixer Pro

here is the product Link:


KitchenAid FMI: Stand Mixer Pro

Buffalo Mozzarella Cheese: Fior Di Maso Tokyo

Have Fun!!

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