Recipe: Italian style Truffle Fondue

Truffle & Fontina cheese Fondue

Guys we are in the middle of my favorite season!! Admittedly the dishes are far richer and heavier, but also a lot tastier in my opinion. There’s nothing better than comfort food! And with the chilly temperatures setting in, who’s counting calories right? Wink, wink…

Today we are talking about a dish that I created, influenced by both raclette I tried in the French city of Annecy (that borders Switzerland), and an authentic Swiss cheese fondue that my Swiss wife made last night, based on her own father’s fondue recipe.

I decided to add a hint of Italian in this new recipe, by using Fontina and Asiago cheese instead, accompanied by Italian cold cuts (Coppa & Parma Ham) as well as black Truffle. One can never go wrong with the combination of fragrant truffle and creamy melted goodness!

Ingredients: (4 portion) -Fondue- 130gr. Fontina cheese 350gr. Asiago cheese 150ml. White wine 4 Garlic clove 25ml. Kirsch liquor 3gr. Constarch

100gr. Sliced Coppa Ham, 100gr. Sliced Parma Ham, Baguette bread 150gr. dice cutted, -Black Truffle- 40gr.

Preparation: 1) prepare a fondue pot by rubbing the bottom and sides with a clove of garlic. mix corn starch with the Kirsch. 2) pour the white wine into the pot and bring to a boil. 3) reduce the heat to medium and add the grated cheese. 4) keep stirring until completely melted. 5) add 5 large garlic cloves into the melted cheese and keep stirring. 6) Stir in the corn starch/kirsch mixture into the cheese and mix until thickened. 7) transfer the pot to a burner over low to medium heat and start stirring immediately and continuously with bread cubes. 8) after dipping bread into the cheese, lay on the plate, top with grated black truffle and eat together with sliced coppa and prosciutto.

Buon Appetito!!

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