One more reason to stay closer to my customers!

After a certain period of very intense work, probably perhaps more spent in the office between meetings and projects I decided to change the direction of my occupation, perhaps better said, to return to my base!! By base I mean the kitchen, my restaurants, my habits, my knives, my staff and above all my CUSTOMERS. Recently I started a new adventure that has separated me from my second home – Japan. This was a very difficult decision for me, since for the last 30 years, I have spent most of my energy developing and strengthening my name in the country, with a portfolio of 100 restaurants split amongst different regions.

This was definitely one of the most satisfying achievements that can exist as a chef and in the restaurant industry (indeed more than one). Not only was I able to become a champion of Neapolitan pizza making, to lead one of the the amazing teams responsible for making the longest pizza in the world (recorded in the Guinness World Records), to be part of the committee responsible for the incorporation of the art of Neapolitan pizza making – pizzaiuolo (Pizza Maker) on the UNESCO intangible heritage list and finally, to list my company on the Tokyo stock market. I can easily say that I’m absolutely the happiest pizzaiuolo in the world!!

However, I still felt that something very important was missing. This kind of success has kept me away from my staff, my kitchens and above all my CUSTOMERS. I don’t want tire you with too many words so, simply put, I decided to leave my position as C.O.O. of my former company so that I could give more support to my staff, transmit all my knowledge, be more present in my kitchens and spend more time with you – my valued and cherished clients, with a focus on creating more events in various places throughout the year. “Now I have one more reason to stay with my clients”. These are the photos of the first event I did (since I started my individual adventure) on July 3rd, 2019 at The Kitchen Salvatore Cuomo Ginza – still and continuously in close collaboration with my former chefs and service staff.

It was a wonderful party, where we presented the new summer menu, live cooking show, live music & loads of fun!! I want to thank all the staff, Fior di Maso , Ca Form Japan & FoodLiner Japan for all their support and especially a HUGE thanks to all of you, who helped me become the chef I am today! Without you all, I would not be where I am right now. I love you and I look forward to the next event that I will do at The Kitchen Salvatore Cuomo Nagoya on 30 October 2019 to celebrate “The Halloween Night”. I hope to see you all in Nagoya Baci Baci Baci!!!

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