Caputo Cup 2019 China-Taiwan Final

Ladies and Gentlemen we are ready for Caputo Cup China-Taiwan 2019 on April 22-23 in Taipei at Expo Park Taipei We will always be the usual members of the main jury: Mr. Carmine Caputo (Caputo Croup Chairman) Mr. Sergio Miccu (President A.P.N. Neapolitan Pizza Association) Mr. Davide Civitillo (Neapolitan Pizza Word Champion) and me Salvatore … Continue reading Caputo Cup 2019 China-Taiwan Final

Tokyo: The New Fish Market Opening!!

It does not happen every day that one gets to see the most famous fish market in the world close, and then to see it reopen in a new location just a few days after. Good morning guys: Today let me introduce Tokyo's new fish market in Toyosu. It is clear that this new location … Continue reading Tokyo: The New Fish Market Opening!!

Why Pizza Marinara??

Why marinara pizza?? This is the questions from many pizzaiuolo give to me when i ask to prepare this pizza... is very easy... This is not just one of the first pizzas that has been invented but it is also one of the most difficult to prepare according to my opinion,saying that maybe it is … Continue reading Why Pizza Marinara??

Manila Essence discovered in Cubao Farmers Market.

How I got there??  (The Farmers Market in Cubao Manila)Almost everyone told me not to go to local markets in Manila because probably I could not find what I was looking for...perhaps a little bit true, but it is so in all countries we can not find all the ingredients we are looking for so easily. … Continue reading Manila Essence discovered in Cubao Farmers Market.

How to become a successful “Chef” ???

A question that they often other chef     ask to me: How to become a successful "Chef"? I would say a question not easy to answer, the same question as the one that make you: how do you get rich ?? On this question I can answer you more easily: when you will understand the … Continue reading How to become a successful “Chef” ???

XEX Daikanyama Final Party

XEX DAIKANYAMA, will be closing its doors permanently on July 6th, 2018. Unfortunately, and with deep regrets, the whole building will be demolished, and therefore we will be obliged to close the very first Salvatore Cuomo Bros. we ever opened (January 2001). With the closure of this restaurant piece of my story is about to … Continue reading XEX Daikanyama Final Party

Forever “Caviar”

I thought I was the only fan of eggs or rather of caviar in our family but everything changed when I asked my son Kenzo what you want as a present for your birthday?? He answered immediately, I have to think about it before answering..... Then immediately very convivial His answer was .... !!!!"Caviar"!!!!! I'm … Continue reading Forever “Caviar”

The Japanese breakfast

Buon Giorno!! The Japanese breakfast for me seems more like a real lunch ... so I prefer to eat it as a brunch when I saw the first time to prepare breakfast for my Japanese grandmother who came to Italy for a visit I was 6 years old I was practically shocked, I used to … Continue reading The Japanese breakfast

Manila next project…

Ready for my new project !! After a while I managed to define my next project in Philippines , I opened my first restaurant Salvatore Cuomo BGC in Philippine (Manila BGC Uptown Parade) two years ago I have to thank all my clients and my staff for the wonderful success. Now I'm ready for the … Continue reading Manila next project…

The secret sea food speciality in Napoli “Spicy Mussels soup”

Now when we talk about Naples we immediately think about Neapolitan pizza but I can tell you!!! we are not just pizza!! Do you want to eat something very famous among us Neapolitans and not the usual spaghetti with clams sold in all restaurants for tourists? I absolutely recommend this restaurant in the heart of … Continue reading The secret sea food speciality in Napoli “Spicy Mussels soup”