Forever “Caviar”

I thought I was the only fan of eggs or rather of caviar in our family but everything changed when I asked my son Kenzo what you want as a present for your birthday?? He answered immediately, I have to think about it before answering…..

Then immediately very convivial His answer was ….


I’m happy because I’m a chef for his answer, perhaps not too convenient for me but I’m happy…

And also because I prepared myself before knowing already his answer

However I feel really happy looking at my son so happy in front of a box of caviar and not in front of a toy or a video game, maybe it will not seem a normal thing for a child but I prefer it to be happy with food and not other unnecessary things.

My only concern is: if you already at 8 years old becomes a fan of “Caviar Beluga” what will you eat when you have 30 years old ????

Anyway, happy birthday my son….

Happy Birthday Kenzo!!

Here is his Kenzo favorite way to eat caviar: lukewarm fresh bread, butter and “Caviale Beluga Giaveri”

I can only say a sacrosanct word “Caviar Forever” for me too!!!

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