Caputo Cup 2019 China-Taiwan Final

Ladies and Gentlemen we are ready for Caputo Cup China-Taiwan 2019 
on April 22-23 in Taipei at Expo Park Taipei
We will always be the usual members of the main jury: 
Mr. Carmine Caputo (Caputo Croup Chairman)
Mr. Sergio Miccu (President A.P.N. Neapolitan Pizza Association)
Mr. Davide Civitillo (Neapolitan Pizza Word Champion)
and me Salvatore Cuomo (A.P.N. Ambassador in Asia-Pacific)
There will also the main members of APN-CHINA & APN-JAPAN in jury 
this time so it will be a very intense competition.
A tip for all participants check the rules of how to make Neapolitan pizza specially STG section: Pizza Napoletana
See you very Monday in Taipei.
if you need more information or want partecipate Link:



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