Manila Essence discovered in Cubao Farmers Market.

How I got there??  (The Farmers Market in Cubao Manila)Almost everyone told me not to go to local markets in Manila because probably I could not find what I was looking for…perhaps a little bit true, but it is so in all countries we can not find all the ingredients we are looking for so easily. Actually when we chefs turn around in the markets we are not on the spot just looking for what we are looking for, but also to discover some new ingredients and understand part of the local culture of the place where we are.

Probably you wonder why you went there??  if everyone said not to go… I could respond to you in a different way, creating a few stories but everything is much easier.  Hahahahaha A housewife convinced me (My Wife) and not my assistant chefs because maybe they hesitated that I would not like the market or think that I prefer only the Tokyo Tsukiji fish market however, I loved this place!!

I really liked the fish area where I could find some ingredients that I use very willingly inside my kitchen.

here is one of the dishes that I managed to do with all the ingredients taken in the Farmers Market after the visit: Belt Fish with Clams sauce, sea grape e yellow pepper sauce, grilled mini eggplant e micro greens. (100% all ingredients from Farmers Market)

Baby Octopus with tomato olives and capers (Luciana style) Linguine,we managed to make this Neapolitan classic dish thanks to the mini octopus we found in the market.

also the fruit and vegetable section has been very interesting where you can find local and international ingredients from other countries.I managed to find the local pumpkin flowers, an ingredient that I really like. and then a whole series of other vegetables and herbs from all over the world. Pumpkin flowers I like to cook in a very simple way: “Tempura” that I recommend you to try if you will be at my restaurant in Manila Salvatore Cuomo & Bar BGC . In short, it was really a great discovery that enriched my whole kitchen with new ingredients, freshness and a lot of local flavor, It will surely become one of my favorite stops here in Manila and for my team of chefs.

Cubao The Farmers Market: Araneta Center, Cubao, Quezon City, 1109 Metro Manila ( Hours 3am-9pm (Tuesdays-Saturdays), 4am-9pm (Sundays-Mondays) ) Tel.(02) 588 4000

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