The Japanese breakfast

Buon Giorno!!

The Japanese breakfast for me seems more like a real lunch … so I prefer to eat it as a brunch

when I saw the first time to prepare breakfast for my Japanese grandmother who came to Italy for a visit I was 6 years old I was practically shocked, I used to eating just a slice of bread with salt and oil or nutella. he began to prepare all these dishes for about an hour for beautiful presentation, I still remember it but unfortunately it was not appreciated by us because we were not used to have meal so abundant because as you know in reality in Italy we do not have breakfast but more coffee or cappuccino accompanied by toast and small sweet snack.

Grilled salmon salted aroma

Tarako: Cod fish grilled egg

Shiokara: raw squid in their on fermented viscera paste, is one of the dish that i really can not eat even if i’ve been living in Japan for 25 year.

This trio is absolutely the main parts: steamed rice,miso soup & “Nori” (Nori is a specific type of edible red algae seaweed.)

but according to me depends on the quality of the rice all the level of this breakfast. and a simple boiled rice but believe me it’s not all the same …

At the end… Enjoy the Umeboshi!!! Actually, it should be eaten with white rice because it is very salty and therefore needs a neutral accompaniment. I advise you to try a piece at the beginning because the brine makes the Ume fruit really strong….

( Umeboshi is the name given to Japanese under salt pickled ume fruits served on top of rice )

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