Tokyo: The New Fish Market Opening!!

It does not happen every day that one gets to see the most famous fish market in the world close, and then to see it reopen in a new location just a few days after.

Good morning guys:

Today let me introduce Tokyo’s new fish market in Toyosu. It is clear that this new location lacks the orginal and traditional characteristics of the Tsukiji market, however I think it is the biggest, most modern and beautiful fish market in the world.

The corridors are much more spacious, amd interestingly enough, the internal lanes where unloading and loading occurs, can actually get a little dangerous. The upgraded electric carts used to transport the fish are faster than in Tsukiji! Based on what one vendor told me, there was even a small accident on the day of the grand opening (October 1, 2018)! Nothing for the public to worry about however, as this particular area is open only to key buyers and wholesalers.

This whole new modern take on the Japanese fish market almost has one feeling like they are in an airport. And the organization of the premises and the high level of hygiene is a sound reflection of Japanese perfection.

The Japanese have been highly critical towards the government for the huge expense that went into building this glamorous project. But from a professional perspective, and the future of the fish market, the larger spaces allow vendors to be more organized and the indoor areas now temperature controlled, allowing the fish to stay fresher. Buying during summer months in particular is far more comfortable and “safe” compared to what it used to be like in the Tsukiji fish market.


So let me introduce the market & the best vendor in the Market!

Tokyo Toyosu: The New Fish Market!!

In the video, I am with the Yamaharu Suisan CEO, the biggest vendor in the Toyosu fish market. I buy 70% of the fish  I use in my restaurants from him, not only for domestic use, but also for my restaurants located internationally! He is the best!!

Another one is only for Tuna:

At ¥85,000 (US $850) per kg. this is one of the best tuna in the market!!!

It might not the best market for those who come to visit as a tourist, as it lacks the character Tsukiji market had, but things have definitely improved for us restaurateurs who purchase fish on a regular basis.

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