Why Pizza Marinara??

Why marinara pizza?? This is the questions from many pizzaiuolo give to me when i ask to prepare this pizza… is very easy…

This is not just one of the first pizzas that has been invented but it is also one of the most difficult to prepare according to my opinion,saying that maybe it is the lightest pizza that can exist because it is made with tomato, garlic and oregano so it would also be the most difficult to prepare for the balance of these very few ingredients. Looking at the preparation of this pizza you can understand the experience of pizzaiuolo and the type of pizza that pleases and serves its customers. After having tasted so many pizzas doing the judge for world championships of pizzas I can absolutely say that if a pizzaiuolo knows how to make a good marinara and shows up with this pizza for the participation already I could say: already he feels sure to be a good pizzaiuolo.

However for all the new pizzaiuoli I recommend you to train with this pizza because after you can make a good marinara you can definitely consider the excellent pizzaiuolo. This is the reason why I ask for marinara pizza because I want to understand if you are really good or not. This is a pizza that you can never pack and will always make you naked for your skill..

Buona Pizza!!

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