100% Italiano Gala Dinner

100% Italiano: is the name of ower new project start in Japan with San Pellegrino Japan & Ca Form Japan.
Is a project where we are trying to present a whole series of 100% Italian dishes, recipes and products, we decide to lunch our first events here at OSAKA-XEX WEST with Tommaso Perina (San Pellegrino JP) and Riccardo Basso (Ca Form Japan) -That I have to thank a lot for all support give to me- One of the most important dish in this event is a Neapolitan Pizza made with Flour & Yeast (Caputo), Salt (Salfiore di Romagna), and for complete 100% we are using Acqua Panna. We could not add anything better than Italian water because it is something that is always underestimated for the cost specially.

Thank’s to Ca Form Japan we also we manage to introduce few of Best Italian Hams (Culatta,Speck & San Daniele) and Italian Cheese.

During dinner we also present one of my favorite recipes: Capellini with lemon water,Pecorino toscano, red prawns and fave beans.

it was truly a beautiful dinner thanks to all my clients and my team in Japan, we will do the same dinner in Tokyo in May 2020. Thank’s to all for Wonderfull time Ciao!!!

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