Imamura Manila-Okada

Absolutely the best Japanese restaurant in Manila! This restaurant never ceases to remind me how lucky and proud I am to be part Japanese. Chef Imamura’s skill and sophistication is felt in every dish… The delicate flavors are discrete, yet powerful… The foie gras simply melts in your mouth!

For lunch, they offer a comprehensive kaiseki-style set lunch, but I always order a few of my favorite extras that you’ll find on the dinner menu – such as the truffle rice and the Foie gras I mentioned above.

If you love Japanese food (as much as I do – and being a chef, my wife claims I’m TERRIBLY picky when we go out to eat), this is definitely a place you NEED to try! It’s my “go to” place when I miss my home country’s cuisine!

A huge thank you to Chef Imamura for yet another fantastic meal!

Japanese Kappo Imamura

Okada Manila

Tel. ‭+63 2 880 7555‬


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