Caputo Cup Korea 2019 P/2

The championship (Caputo cup) of the Neapolitan pizza in Korea happy ended this year too..

and I can confirm same like every year the Korean championship is very different from the Taiwanese and Japanese championship.

The Korean team seems to follow the current trend of Neapolitan pizza much more then others countries in asia.

can recognize from style of the pizza & how do the dough rise.

several pizza makers in Korea have used the double leavening technique of the dough, unfortunately this style is banned in the competition STG but I have to say that it was a great pizza I think the level in Asia continues to grow exceptionally even if sometimes we have trouble to understanding the local tastes in jury.

however Pizzaiuolo is really good at the work done during the competition and i’m sorry sometimes to be a little too strict when’s i’m a judge and please understand me and Davide Civitillo just try to make you guy’s highest level!

Special thank’s to all Chef’s Table team to support & help us douring competition!!

See you guy’s next year & see you in Naples to the Korean champion!!

ps: Congratulation to Salvatore Cuomo Korea team to be 3rd position great job!!!

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