Simple omelette.. Asiago & Lardo di Colonnata

When we said this word: Omelette..

We always think of a simple, easy or casual dish. Most probably in your mind, you immediately connect this simple dish to breakfast or brunch?? Instead, I wanted to do something completely opposite, I wanted to change the omelette into a more serious dish. Why not serve it as an appetizer during a special dinner? I created an omelette with Asiago Cheese”Fior Di Maso” , then added a sautéed cube of white asparagus from Bassano (Italy) sautéed in French salted butter and finally covered it all with skin made with a slice of Lardo di Colonnata.

However it is still an omelette. From this, you can understand what the amazing part of my job is – transforming the most simple dish into an amazing one, from breakfast to dinner, from casual to elegant.. that’s why I LOVE my job!! A Chef’s canvas can be colored with an endless array of ingredients, using hundreds of different tools. The creative possibilities are endless!

I don’t remember when I tried my first omelette, but I knew it would be something I would eat pretty regularly. That’s why I preferred to change the structure and image of this dish cooked in many ways in many different countries.

When we create a dish, it doesn’t need to be something completely new, but perhaps it is more beautiful to create something that we are already used to eating every day in an unexpected way.

I don’t need to explain how to make an omelette, because it’s an easy standard dish. But I’d definitely encourage you to test out different ingredients and presentations of the omelette!! Its more fun when you don’t have a recipe to follow!

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