The research of ingredients in different country……

Good morning, today I want to explain what it means to me research ingredients, and create recipe in over 100 restaurant in different country.

Can I start by giving you an explanation on Wagyu ??

Actually, the word “Wagyu” translated from Japanese means our meat, local meat, meat of our country, beef made in Japan this is the real translation so I would say in reality marbled beef similar to Japanese beef not made in Japan should not be called wagyu, anyway I do not want to bore you with these explanations but I just wanted to explain what this word means.

Let’s go back to today’s topic: this is what happened to me during a restaurant opening in Taipei a few years ago, in that period 2012 the Japanese meat had not yet been officially approved by the Taiwanese government so I was forced to do a research for products that could replace the wagyu in Taiwan. I remember we resarch for about a year in various countries: Australia, Usa and New Zeland to find this ingredient to replace a dish I had made in Japan…..




I found myself in this place after more than 20 hours of flight a truly spectacular place perhaps unobtainable where they produced meat wagyu type exported to Japan with a very high quality even if it had a huge difference in how the animal was treated. Sometimes the research we do is really extreme to find the product that convinces us and then to match the country where we have to start new restaurants, is not only a question of taste or price but maybe more politics and local rules that make it more difficult for the presentation of dishes in the countries where we have to arrive. Now you can understand why we are forced to change the origins of certain dishes we make for a set of rules that we are forced to respect, all this would be much easier to use the ingredients that we already use in the country where we created the recipe but I think the skill of a good chef is right to find the right product even if you are in a different country. Is a work with a long and incredible process even if is a single ingredient but that gives many satisfactions to me and my now you can understand that having more than 100 restaurants is not enough just to be good at shopping in the market or good to choice the fish of the day but we have other procedures that are really much more difficult to transmit my dishes in different country.


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