The home made Fast Food

It’s almost inevitable that most kids will ask for burgers, hot dogs & other fast food dishes… After all, they taste so darn good! Amost addictive! However, if we start to cook these types of dishes ourselves at home, it will no longer be considered as fast food or “junk food”.

You can choose the ingredients going inside of them, and you can modify the flavors based on your own taste.

Making these children’s favorite dishes in your own home, with fresh and healthier ingredients, allows you to help develop their palates properly, rather than jeopardizing their health with “junk food” that’s more often than not, laden with preservatives and other unknown food products.

According to some statistics, the human palate develops from 0 to 10 years old, which means, that as parents, we are very much responsible for how our children’s palates develop.

My point is very easy… If one continues to offer their children fast/junk food, they’ll have a very difficult time adapting their palates to other healthier, more refined dishes / cuisines in the future.

So, how can I keep my kids happy and healthy at the same time??

I have decided to offer what they like (from time to time) with only one small change – I cook and prepare all the ingredients myself (including the buns). There is no doubt that more preparation and planning is required, compared to buying a burger from a fast food joint. But its well worth the extra effort to ensure a healtheir future for your children.

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