One more reason to stay closer to my customers!

After a certain period of very intense work, probably perhaps more spent in the office between meetings and projects I decided to change the direction of my occupation, perhaps better said, to return to my base!! By base I mean the kitchen, my restaurants, my habits, my knives, my staff and above all my CUSTOMERS. … Continue reading One more reason to stay closer to my customers!

Longest Pizza in The World!!!

This is my team Asia ( Salvatore Cuomo & Davide Civitiello ) during preparation of the Longest Neapolitan Pizza In the World on 2016 in Naples Italy.Prepare for one more Guinness World Record in 2019 remaining tuned!! Cant Believe already 3 years ago... Was really amazing experience with amazing Team.(Filming by: Davide Sol ) Longest Neapolitan Pizza in The World … Continue reading Longest Pizza in The World!!!

Gnocchi with Tomato & Mozzarella cheese Recipe Gnocchi alla Sorrentina: this is the real name of this dish, today I want to present you a truly simple dish that I have always loved as a child. This dish makes me remember a lot all the Sunday I spent as a child with my grandmother the great cook of the Cuomo family … Continue reading Gnocchi with Tomato & Mozzarella cheese Recipe

The Summer Party In Tokyo Ginza at The Kitchen, July 3

Introducing the newest menu Party, Chef Salvatore Cuomo invites you to join him at the The Kitchen Salvatore Cuomo Ginza to celebrate the arrival of summer! Reservations required, seats almost sold out! Book quickly! Looking forward to seeing you all there with many many surprise!! Door Open: July 3 at 19:30 PM · The Kitchen … Continue reading The Summer Party In Tokyo Ginza at The Kitchen, July 3

Stracchino Cheese Souffle with Porcini Mushroom & Truffle Parmiggiano Sauce

Stracchino Cheese & Porcini Mushroom Souffle with Truffle Sauce The Stracchino Fior di Maso Cheese Soufflé with Porcini mushrooms & Truffle cream sauce is ready for lunch today INGREDIENTS :  4 Large Eggs (Separe Yolk & White) 1/2 Cup Dry Breadcrumbs  50gr of Butter  (30gr. For Beschamelle, 10gr.for Ramekins,10gr.for Truffle sauce) 30gr. Plain Flour  100ml. of … Continue reading Stracchino Cheese Souffle with Porcini Mushroom & Truffle Parmiggiano Sauce

Simple omelette.. Asiago & Lardo di Colonnata

When we said this word: Omelette.. We always think of a simple, easy or casual dish. Most probably in your mind, you immediately connect this simple dish to breakfast or brunch?? Instead, I wanted to do something completely opposite, I wanted to change the omelette into a more serious dish. Why not serve it as … Continue reading Simple omelette.. Asiago & Lardo di Colonnata

Caputo Cup Korea 2019 P/2

The championship (Caputo cup) of the Neapolitan pizza in Korea happy ended this year too.. and I can confirm same like every year the Korean championship is very different from the Taiwanese and Japanese championship. The Korean team seems to follow the current trend of Neapolitan pizza much more then others countries in asia. can … Continue reading Caputo Cup Korea 2019 P/2

Caputo Cup Korea 2019

This year the participants of the Caputo Cup in Korea have also exceeded 50 Pizzaiuoli. Yesterday was the first day of the Neapolitan pizza seminar, followed by the exam of the new members of the APN (Associazione Pizzaiuoli Napoletani - Neapolitan Pizza Maker Association). The Caputo cup ended this year in Seoul Korea yesterday!! I'm … Continue reading Caputo Cup Korea 2019

Caputo Cup 2019 China-Taiwan Final

Ladies and Gentlemen we are ready for Caputo Cup China-Taiwan 2019 on April 22-23 in Taipei at Expo Park Taipei We will always be the usual members of the main jury: Mr. Carmine Caputo (Caputo Croup Chairman) Mr. Sergio Miccu (President A.P.N. Neapolitan Pizza Association) Mr. Davide Civitillo (Neapolitan Pizza Word Champion) and me Salvatore … Continue reading Caputo Cup 2019 China-Taiwan Final