Pizza eternal study!!

One of the most difficult parts of my work and maintaining consistency and be able to create the logistics channel to be able to import the chosen products and then make the recipes chosen for the restaurants.

I can say that every country has a different problem, but one of the biggest problems facing countries like the Philippines is humidity & temperature.

There are several days during the year that reach 90% humidity and it is a real disaster. The flour is unfortunately a product that continues to absorb moisture and then with 90% becomes truly uncontrollable as quality.

How to do??

This is one of the questions everyone is asking.

This is the real most difficult part for a chef like me who has more than 100 restaurants. You have to program the entire structure of the pizza in a different way: the type of flour, hydration, production and maintenance of the product and then at this point I can say that a good pizzaiuolo that would make a good pizza is not enough !!

It is really the most difficult part but after years of continuous programming I can tell you: at the moment it is the one that most amuses me!!

After completing the first phase, we start with the second one which would be the treaning of the staff.

if we have changes in the preparation of the base, it means that we also have changes in the preparation process.

Respecting only the rules that were imposed from where the Neapolitan pizza was born could not lead to the result similar to what we can have in Naples of course.

Is a really endless story that’s why this product never tires me, because it’s an eternal study !!

A tip for all new chefs: concentrate on the hardest parts the ones you hate because they will be the ones that will give you more satisfaction!!

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