Simple omelette.. Asiago & Lardo di Colonnata

When we said this word: Omelette.. We always think of a simple, easy or casual dish. Most probably in your mind, you immediately connect this simple dish to breakfast or brunch?? Instead, I wanted to do something completely opposite, I wanted to change the omelette into a more serious dish. Why not serve it as … Continue reading Simple omelette.. Asiago & Lardo di Colonnata

Caputo Cup Korea 2019 P/2

The championship (Caputo cup) of the Neapolitan pizza in Korea happy ended this year too.. and I can confirm same like every year the Korean championship is very different from the Taiwanese and Japanese championship. The Korean team seems to follow the current trend of Neapolitan pizza much more then others countries in asia. can … Continue reading Caputo Cup Korea 2019 P/2

Caputo Cup Korea 2019

This year the participants of the Caputo Cup in Korea have also exceeded 50 Pizzaiuoli. Yesterday was the first day of the Neapolitan pizza seminar, followed by the exam of the new members of the APN (Associazione Pizzaiuoli Napoletani - Neapolitan Pizza Maker Association). The Caputo cup ended this year in Seoul Korea yesterday!! I'm … Continue reading Caputo Cup Korea 2019

Caputo Cup 2019 China-Taiwan Final

Ladies and Gentlemen we are ready for Caputo Cup China-Taiwan 2019 on April 22-23 in Taipei at Expo Park Taipei We will always be the usual members of the main jury: Mr. Carmine Caputo (Caputo Croup Chairman) Mr. Sergio Miccu (President A.P.N. Neapolitan Pizza Association) Mr. Davide Civitillo (Neapolitan Pizza Word Champion) and me Salvatore … Continue reading Caputo Cup 2019 China-Taiwan Final

Pizza Salvatore Cuomo Starfield Hanan Seoul 18 Dic. Grand Open!!

I am once again in Seoul Korea for my new adventure which began on December 18, 2018 in Hanan on the outskirts of the Korean capital. We launched this new concept in Hanan Starfild Hanan mole (B1) inside foodcourt to repropose our pizza and other fantastic menus that will surely satisfy you & your family!! … Continue reading Pizza Salvatore Cuomo Starfield Hanan Seoul 18 Dic. Grand Open!!

The research of ingredients in different country……

Good morning, today I want to explain what it means to me research ingredients, and create recipe in over 100 restaurant in different country. Can I start by giving you an explanation on Wagyu ?? Actually, the word "Wagyu" translated from Japanese means our meat, local meat, meat of our country, beef made in Japan … Continue reading The research of ingredients in different country……

The Experience in Tokyo

Today let me introduce one of my preferred restaurant in Tokyo: Luca Fantin il Ristorante at Bvlgari Ginza. Not just because is one of my best friend but this guy is the "Man" of the Italian cucine in Japan now!! Chef Luca Fantin & Patissier Fabrizio Fiorani last night in Ginza Try once the experience … Continue reading The Experience in Tokyo

Truffle Omelette

Good Morning! I do not know why, but I woke up this morning with a crazy desire of truffles! Perhaps it's because of the truffle xiao long bao (Shanghainese ravioli) I ate yesterday at Ding Tai Fung. Or maybe it's because Italy celebrates the truffle season around this time of the year, and I'm always … Continue reading Truffle Omelette

The Best Unagi in Tokyo!!

Who knows Japan understands what i'm talking about: Unagyu, Unagi - Eel domburi (grilled eel on rice). Today I do not want to talk about the usual restaurant where they serve Unagi, but instead, I'd like to introduce a piece of Japanese history: "Nodaiwa" One of 7 Michelin-starred Unagi restaurants in Tokyo. This Unagi restaurant … Continue reading The Best Unagi in Tokyo!!

Tokyo: The New Fish Market Opening!!

It does not happen every day that one gets to see the most famous fish market in the world close, and then to see it reopen in a new location just a few days after. Good morning guys: Today let me introduce Tokyo's new fish market in Toyosu. It is clear that this new location … Continue reading Tokyo: The New Fish Market Opening!!